Family parties

Share the occasion with us, add your inspiration and sincere excitement and leave us to provide the ATMOSPHERE! As true professionals we will select the best solutions for sound, taste, flavour and vision to ensure the liveliness of your party and touch every guest. You are to remember for a long time our magical recipe for the best celebration in your life!


YAEV Hotel has excellent amenities for all types of private and family celebrations  in the restaurant and garden.



We can help you with

decoration of your party

special menu. You can choose from different types of catering or traditional menu with specialties from our restaurants as well as international meals.

Cake for the party

You can bring your own alcohol

Party program, DJ, live music, entertainment

Extra services: photographer and cameraman, rent-a-car, etc are available upon preliminary request


Do inquire about our special promotional packages including accommodation for you and your guests.